ars amare

1 min readJul 29, 2020
credit: pinterest

I wish I could paint:

then I’d paint you a sky

I wish I had wings:

I would escape and fly high

I wish I had a paintbrush

In my hand right now:

Then I could make you look more

Like the ‘you’ that I dream about

In my dreams, you are

A flower boy, softer, more kind

I imagine flowers blooming in your heart

The way you make them bloom in mine

In my dreams, you are a wayfarer

Traversing galaxies with me

But here: you’re running in circles

Wrapped up in your timid disbelief

And I wish I had some paint with me:

Maybe then I’d learn how to cover up

instead of letting my bare emotions free

And maybe, just maybe,

You’d then like me for me

If I could paint myself to look

More like the girl of your dreams.