1 min readJul 29, 2020


The young girl beams into her screen

And makes herself look more seen

She’s got a flair for pink tones

And a neon glow

Without which she can hardly be

Adds a little filter here and there

Taking control of her narrative,

How does she dare?

No longer is she bound

To her external appearance —

She can choose to be

Whoever she chooses

Black-and-white for 20s beauty queen

Or pop-art, the colors bursting at the seams

She tells the tale she feels is real —

The reel becomes a way to

fossilize what she feels —

And so what if it isn’t

true to appearances?

Isn’t it still a way to be creative?

Her baby pictures may not be edited

But that does not give them more merit

Because editing is a way for the girl

to take control of her own narrative —

No longer can the photographer tell her

How to pose or dress

When her self-timer and Lightroom

Are all she needs to look her best —

And after a long, hard day

When she comes home

And she is all alone,

Who better to smile at

Than herself?